What's the right curtain for me?


A curtains style is defined by its pleating (top of the curtain). Choose the right one for your needs.

S Wave
Modern and stylish - the waves bring a neat look.
Suitable to achieve a smaller stack or for curtains that require a lining. Simple and elegant. 
Great for a formal look.
A playful, casual look.
Suitable for sheer curtains, or curtains that are more likely to stay closed most of the time. 
Triple Classic triple pinch for extra class. 
Eyelet Suitable for rods. 



Lining can be added to any fabric in order to increase the curtains opacity and thermal isolation feature.


If you only require curtains, select "No track".
If you wish to order a track, you will need to select if it is to be fitted into the wall or ceiling. Different brackets are required for each option.
For double tracks, that accomodate sheers and curtains on the same window, just write us a note at checkout, mentioning that you require double brackets for double tracks.


A window with curtains split in the middle can give nice balance for a wall.

We also recommend a split when access is needed to open a window or door.