How to measure for your curtains


The width of curtain you should order should be equal to the width of your curtain track.

If you need a track, the length should cover the window completely plus extra length to allow for the curtain stacking when opened.

Every 1000mm width of curtain would stack into 150mm (sheers) or 200mm (dimout & blackout).

We recommend the stacking to be sitting against the wall and not the glass, as the space allows.

If you wish your curtain to cover an entire wall, we recommend deducting 20mm from the total width to make completely sure the track fits.


Measure where you want the top of the product to start, down to where you would like the bottom of the curtain to finish.

We recommend measuring from the track down to 10mm off the floor. If you are fixed in the ceiling, you may want to measure to 20mm off the floor as the curtain will drop slightly over time.

For Sfold pleating, please note the curtains have to start from under the track or rod. For all the other pleatings, curtains can start from under or from the top of the track or rod.


We recommend opening the pictures of the pleating options and simply choose your preferred one.

Our suggestions:
  • Sfold and Box can complete a formal look
  • Pencil, Single and Smock bring a more casual look
  • Triple can complete a classic style


Lining can be added to any fabric in order to increase the curtains opacity and thermal isolation feature.


If you only require curtains, select "No track".
If you wish to order a track, you will need to select if it is to be fitted into the wall or ceiling. Different brackets are required for each option.
For double tracks, that accomodate sheers and curtains on the same window, just write us a note at checkout, mentioning that you require double brackets for double tracks.


A window with curtains split in the middle can give nice balance for a wall.

We also recommend a split when access is needed to open a window or door.