Amber Florals

From left to right we have Java green followed by the beautiful Pearl sheer.

On the right hand side we have Cubano green next to Java mustard.

Natural Plains

Java grey on the left, followed by our velvet Castellano green curtain and Quinta sheer with solid base.

On the right we have the Luisiana sheer next to Serengeti.

Deep Sea

Velar grey curtain is followed by the floral Cancun curtain, Bari ivory sheer and lastly Velar blue.

Pink fairy tale

From left to right, we have Madras Purple, a triple weave fabric. Jolie, our cool floral, also triple weaved. The sheer next is Sanova pink, with a soft pink base turning into white at the top.

On the right hand side, the floral sheer is Elsa Purple, continued with a thickly weaved Riva pink.

more pink and purple

Cool Blues

Our best sold velvet, Castellano Blue, followed by light sky coloured Amalfi Blue.

On the right we have Musette silver sheer, next to Amalfi grey.

more blues

Earthy fabrics

Delicately patterned Soho Beige on the left back, completed with Leah, a rich sheer with both stripes and rain drops throughout.

On the back right we have our shiny velour Velar Beige followed by Clemence sheer with its leafy embroidery.

In front and centre we have Pescara Beige, a wide weave rustic sheer.

more neutral colours

Sandy beach

On the left we have the Ruben curtain with the Loulou beige sheer.

On the right is the Cabo sheer next to the Ares beige 100% blockout curtain.

purple dream

Purple velvet Castellano on the left, followed by Tahiti purple and Loulou white sheer. Java beige is on the right.

Desert storm

Java mustard is pictured on the left with Mohave yellow.

On the right we have Diamante silver sheer with Mohave brown.

sand and ocean waves

Carrara beige sits beautifully next to Ronda beige sheer that follows the same wavy patters.

On the right we have Carrara blue that can match Ronda Grey.

calm relaxed

Leafy greens

Azaria yellow on the left, followed by emerald green velvet Castellano. Apollo grey on the right.


Norwegian Forest

Norrland blue on the left and Norrland cream on the right. Thickly weaved Sabbia sheer behind.