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DINO baby kids custom made curtains

Regular price $89

Featuring a cartoon animals pattern, Dino sheer curtain is ideal for creating a playful and cheerful setting for your little explorer. 

Drop in cm: 280
Opacity: 0.75

Only 100 items in stock!

Ordering information

Not sure how to measure or how to place an order? 

We want your final product to be perfect and we can guide you through the whole process - fabric choice, measurements, track needs. Just give us a call at 1800 722 753 and we can guide you all the way to perfection.

Changing your order dimensions?

All order dimensions can be amended within two working days of order date. So please double-check your measurements and let us know if there's anything wrong.


Custom made doesn't have to mean months and months of waiting. Specify the size you require. Select your options. Place your order. We'll have your curtain hand made in our European factory and shipped to you within four weeks.